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Portronics Ruffpad 10X Re Writable – Corporate Gifts Supplier in Bangalore


  • SINGLE TAP ERASE, ADDED COMFORT] : A writing pad that is just as comfortable as using a pencil on paper. There is a lot to explore with Ruffpad 10X when it comes to your artistic streak, or you just are in the mood for scribbles, anything you draw or write, erase it ASAP!
  • [SMART LOCK ENHANCED DESIGN] : If you want to get the best out of your thoughts, get ready for Ruffpad 10X. With its dedicated smart lock enhanced button, you can keep ideas affixed for the time being.
  • [CR2016 CELL POWERED BODY] : The writing pad is powered by CR2016 coin cells that power up the writing pad aptly without any troubles coming up for recharging. The cell can run for approximately one year without any multiple hitches.
  • [ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY DESIGN] : The writing pad is made out of recyclable material which ensures that the device after being exhausted completely can be submitted for e-waste management.
  • [SPACIOUS WRITING AREA] : Make way for the OG of LCD writing pads, made exclusively for your doodle needs. There is a lot to be explored with Ruffpad 10X, you can keep your ideas all broad and wide! 




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