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Portronics Adapto 30


Portronics Adapto 30

  • Fast Charge: The Portronics Adapto 30. The Adapter has a built-in 30-watt fast charging at 30 Watts with a single connection while 15 watts each with 2 active connections. It charges your smartphone faster than the 5 W standard apple charger. It has the potential to charge Apple devices like Macbook Air M1(2020) to 100% in approx 2 hours 44 mins. Furthermore, it can charge the iPad to 50% and from 0 to 80% in 1 hour and 18 minutes. At Portronics we always believe that size does not matter.
  • Dual Port: The Adapto 30 fast charger has dual ports C-type and USB-A made to charge 2 devices at a time. Talk about nailing 2 tasks at one time, you ask and we deliver at Portronics. Charging multiple devices at an output of 15 watts each at a single time. Now, this would surely help you get around the hassle with family and friends.
  • One for All: The Adapto 30 is compatible with most of the latest generations of smartphones like iOS 15.5 and Honeycomb. The fast charger also is also compatible with smartwatches, TWS earphones, laptops, MacBooks and tablets like Macbook Air(2020),iPad Pro(2020)
  • Intelligent Design: The QC charger is equipped with BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards) certification it protects against overcurrent, overheating, over-temperature and short circuits because tech safety is our priority. The Adapto 30 W fast charger weighs just 57 grams and becomes your perfect travel partner your device never runs out of juice..
  • Warranty :12 Months




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