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Portronics Power Plate t – promotional gifts for customers In Bangalore


An extension board that does it all! Seems like a tough nut to crack, doesn’t it! But, not anymore you have all your power converter issues solved that too on one board. This gets better as the power strip extension has not only power sockets but USBs too. The power plate series has been formulated to give multi-tasking a complete revamp. The earlier models have made a significant impact on our consumers for their unique aspects and on the same note Power Plate 6 has been modelled. The power strip board is a 2500W enabled power converter that allows multiple devices to plug in at the same time. The power board has about 5 power sockets and 4 USB ports. Besides the total output of the USB ports is 2.1A and is a top notch output for similar devices. The power board has a cord length of 3M, which makes it perfect for mobility. The power converter has been fitted with intelligent imported chips that make it simply smart! To even make it better the power board has spike guard technology, which protects it from damage that are caused by over-voltage, overheating and short circuit. The Power Plate 6 has been made out of eco-friendly material to ensure that it doesn’t add up to the already existing e-waste. If you have a ton of devices to plug in at the same time, no worries, you can do that pretty efficiently! Add this power beast to your collection of smart gadgets and make life simply smart! [5 POWER SOCKETS FOR MULTIPLE USE] : The power converter has 5 separate power sockets for efficient multi-tasking. The power strip ensures that equal power is distributed throughout the plugged in devices. [4 USB PORTS WITH 2.1A TOTAL OUTPUT] : Power Plate 6 has 4 USB ports that have a uniform power output of 2.1A. This feature ensures that the plugged in devices get efficient power output throughout their run time. [CORD LENGTH OF 3M] : It comes accompanied with a durable cord length of 300cm or 3M. This length ensures the apt mobility and gives freedom to the user to make most use of the power strip board! [IMPORTED INTELLIGENT CHIPS] : Pre-fed with imported intelligent chips ensures that the power surge strip is extremely stealthy and efficient. It has the latest power conversion tech that makes it a necessary tool in everyday gadgets! [2500W HIGH POWER] : Power Plate 6 influxes a high power voltage of about 2500W which also empowers the devices that are plugged in! For maximum efficiency use the devices in an alternate manner.




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