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Portronics Mport 51 5-in 1 Type – Employee Gift


  • UPGRADE YOUR DATA WORLD] : Are you someone who manages a large amount of data over multiple devices? Do you face obstructions in data transfer on a regular basis? This could be a big snag and also lead to data loss which is not preferable!
  • [MAKE BEST USE OF MULTIPORT HUB] : Easen up complicated data transfers with a multiport hub that initiates seamless data transfer. Mport 51 is a 5 in 1 Type C multiport hub that allows for multiple device functioning at any point of time.
  • [4K ULTRA HD DATA QUALITY] : If you want to stream ultra high quality visuals from a source device to the running device, Mport 51 will act as the perfect bridge in the process. It allows 4K Ultra HD data packets transfer from one device to another.
  • [PD QUICK CHARGE] : You can now charge up your device within a few minutes with the PD quick charge feature. What is best is that it does so without causing any over voltage damage to the plugged in devices.
  • [RJ45 ETHERNET PORT] : If you are not getting the speed of internet that you usually expect, you can totally rely on Mport 51 for the same. It comes with a dedicated RJ45 port specifically crafted for the purpose of ethernet support! 




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