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Portronics Kronos X1 – Corporate Gifts Supplier in Bangalore


  • BODY TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT] : Now get all your body vital stats right when you need it and with accurate precision. It becomes an integral function, as it allows you to keep a tab on your body temperature in case you ever feel feverish or sick!
  • [BLOOD PRESSURE MEASURING INDEX] :If you are someone who has high BP or low BP conditions then this feature is going to keep you updated with your blood pressure details as and when needed. You can jot them down for a future correspondence with your doc!
  • [SPO2 MEASURING INDEX] : For someone who loves hikes and treks, this feature is a standalone feature. As in any high altitude trek or hike, the oxygen levels deplete. It is hard to keep a check on your body stats of SPO2, this is where this smartwatch will measure it for you and help you ration your oxygen supplies!
  • [IP67 WATER AND SPLASH RESISTANT] : We love taking a dip here and there, don’t we! And what convenience it would be to have your smartwatch strapped in and all safe, well with IP67 resistance this smartwatch wouldn’t disappoint you!
  • [HEART BEAT TRACKER] : Don’t skip a beat they say and yes you indeed wouldn’t! With the heart beats tracker you can know how many times your heart beats in 60 secs and you can be assured that you have all your stats right on your wrist! 




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