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PenZen Glow | Rechargeable LED Lamp With Tumbler


  • 3 color light options
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Double battery for extended working hours
  • Ideal for both personal and professional use
  • Side light for enhanced appearance
  • Stylish and functional lighting solution
  • C-Type cable included

The Pen Zen Glow Rechargeable Lamp With Tumbler is a sophisticated and functional corporate gift. Its multifunctional design and practical features make it a perfect addition to any workspace.

Key Features
3 Color Light Options
Easily switch between three light colors to suit different lighting needs with a simple touch.

Adjustable Brightness Settings
Fine-tune brightness levels with a long press for the ideal lighting environment.

Touch Switch
Operate the lamp effortlessly with a sensitive touch switch for smooth control.

2400 mAh Rechargeable Battery
Boasts a robust battery ensuring long-lasting performance, perfect for extended use.

Type C Charging
Includes a Type C cable, supporting fast and efficient charging, making it highly convenient.

Freely Adjustable Neck
The flexible neck design allows easy adjustment to direct light precisely where needed.

Built-in Pen Holder
Integrated pen holder helps keep your desk organized, combining functionality and style.

Additional Benefits
Compact and Portable
Its lightweight and compact design ensures easy portability, ideal for dynamic workspaces.

Eco-friendly Choice
The rechargeable feature reduces the need for disposable batteries, promoting environmental sustainability.

Versatile Use
Perfect for home offices, corporate desks, and bedside tables, catering to various lighting needs.

Durable and Stylish
Crafted with high-quality materials, the lamp ensures durability while adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Ideal Corporate Gift
The Pen Zen Glow Rechargeable Lamp With Tumbler is a perfect blend of style, functionality, and technology, making it an ideal choice for corporate gifting.

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