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Parker Pen With Pocket Watch


Parker Aster Roller Ball Pen with Lacquer Black finish metal barrel and Gold plated trim.
A contemporary & unique design blended and highlighted with a gold-plated ring on the barrel.
• Mode:  Rollerball pen
• Ink Color:  Blue & Black
• Trims Metal:   Golden Trim
• Finish:  Lacquer Black
• Cap Material:  Lacquer Black

Parker Pen With Pocket Watch

The Parker Pen with Pocket Watch is an exquisite gift set designed to leave a lasting impression. Firstly, the hamper features a sleek and sophisticated Parker pen, renowned for its smooth writing experience and elegant design. The pen’s body is crafted with precision, offering a comfortable grip and a stylish finish, making it a perfect companion for professional and personal use.

Additionally, the hamper includes a timeless pocket watch, combining vintage charm with modern reliability. The pocket watch boasts a classic design, featuring a polished casing and a clear, easy-to-read dial. This elegant timepiece serves as a functional accessory and also adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The Parker pen and pocket watch create a harmonious blend of utility and style, making the hamper a thoughtful and practical gift for corporate events or special occasions.

Moreover, the presentation of the gift set enhances its appeal. The Parker Pen with Pocket Watch comes in a beautifully crafted box, lined with luxurious fabric to protect and showcase the items. The box exudes quality and attention to detail, ensuring the recipient feels valued and appreciated.

This corporate hamper is more than just a gift:  it’s a statement of elegance and professionalism. By offering a Parker pen and a classic pocket watch in a meticulously designed package, this gift set is sure to delight and impress any recipient.

Parker Pen With Pocket Watch | Corporate Hampers Bangalore




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