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A4 Size Multipurpose Folder With Writing Pad And Phone Pocket


Zippered closure with a spacious front pocket to keep money, cards & phone with a pen loop.
Has a Collapsible phone stand on the inside panel which can be folded flat.
Separate mobile loop to carry your phone safely
Specially designed pocket for cards.
Separate loop to carry earplugs and data cable.
Separate pen loop to keep your pen together.
Specially designed pocket for keeping A4 size notepad and document safely.
Replaceable writing pad included.
Perfectly suits business meetings, office, school work, or home.

A4 Size Multipurpose Folder With Writing Pad And Phone Pocket

Introducing the A4 Size Multipurpose Folder, an indispensable accessory designed with entrepreneurs in mind. This sophisticated folder combines functionality and style, ensuring you stay organized and prepared for any business meeting or event.

Writing Pad: The A4 Size Multipurpose Folder features a high-quality writing pad, providing a smooth and reliable surface for jotting down important notes, brainstorming ideas, or drafting quick sketches.

Phone Pocket: Moreover, the folder includes a dedicated phone pocket, which securely holds your device in place. This pocket not only keeps your phone within reach but also protects it from potential scratches or damage. Whether you need to make a quick call, send an email, or check your schedule, your phone remains easily accessible.

Additional Compartments and Slots: In addition to the writing pad and phone pocket, the folder offers several other compartments and slots designed to store your essentials. These include spaces for business cards, pens, USB drives, and documents, ensuring you have everything you need in one compact and stylish package.

Complete Zipper Enclosure: Furthermore, the folder features a full zipper enclosure, which provides an added layer of security and protection. This enclosure ensures that all your belongings stay safely inside the folder, preventing any accidental spills or losses. You can carry the folder with confidence, knowing your valuable items are securely stored.

Sleek and Professional Design: Besides its practical features, the A4 Size Multipurpose Folder boasts a sleek and professional design. Made from premium materials, it exudes a sense of elegance and durability. The folder not only complements your business attire but also leaves a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.

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