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BeHome Metal Water Bottle MWB – 105 As Corporate Gifts



* Fabricated inside with food grade coating. This is rust proof.


* Perfect for outdoor, workout process.
* Pre-condition your bottle with hot water,
if using for hot beverages and with cold water if using for cold beverages.
* Do not use for carbonated drinks


* Wash inside out with mild detergent.
Use a brush for cleaning the inside. Do not use strong detergents.
* Do not use strong detergents,bleach or cleansers containing chlorine.
* When not in use keep the bottle lid open to avoid odor.

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## Price of the product does vary with quantity, please contact for precise quotation.

New Joiner Employee Welcome Kit Gift Sets

Employee welcome kits are designed to make new employees feel like they are a part of the team. They do this by making them feel appreciated and including information that will help the employee learn more about their employer.

Employees consider these welcome packages as an essential part of their company’s on-boarding process. It tremendously affects a new hire’s perception of the company.

A great welcome kit for your employees signals that you care about them and want the best for their experience. It also sets up new hires for a positive experience in the company, which leads to higher engagement, happiness, and productivity.

Welcome Kit Gift Set for Clients

You recently got a contract from a new customer. You’re excited to embrace this great opportunity and aim to leave a memorable impression. Offering new clients a welcome Kit helps reassure them that choosing your business was the right decision.

A welcome gift for new customers will demonstrate your dedication to delivering the services you’ve pledged and to satisfying your clientele. After all, retaining a client after winning a contract is just as crucial.

Deliver your welcome package personally if your clients live nearby. Use an overnight courier service if mailing it makes more sense. That will start your relationship well and offer your client a feeling of importance.

Order Fulfilment & Delivery Service

Nowadays, the majority of clients and employees work from home. We offer inexpensive end-to-end fulfilment and delivery services throughout India. We handpick the presents and bring them right to their door.

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