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Rechargeable Wardrobe Light With Touch Sensor Button


  • Powerful light for wardrobes and cabinets.
  • Great for confined areas with no electricity.
  • Touch sensor button with 3 modes.
  • Powerful light with a brightness of more than 400 Lumens.
  • Rechargeable battery with a life of more than 500 cycles.
  • Type C Charging port.
  • It comes with 2 metal clamps to attach anywhere.

The Rechargeable Wardrobe Light with a Type C Port provides a modern, practical solution for illuminating confined spaces. Ideal for clients, employees, and partners who value thoughtful and cool corporate gifts.

Key Features:

Rechargeable Battery:  The wardrobe light comes with a rechargeable battery, lasting over 500 cycles. As a result, it ensures long-term use without frequent replacements.

Type C Charging Port: Additionally, the light includes a Type C port for faster, more reliable charging than traditional USB ports.

Easy Operation: The light features a user-friendly interface with easy three-touch button operations, enabling users to effortlessly control its on/off function and brightness.

Clips for Mounting: To enhance its practicality, the wardrobe light comes with two steel clips that enable users to attach it anywhere.

Suitable for Confined Spaces:  The light is particularly great for confined areas with no electricity, such as closets and storage spaces.

Application Examples

Bedroom: In the bedroom, the wardrobe light can function as a bedside lamp, providing a soft and pleasant light for reading or relaxing.
Wardrobe: Installed in a wardrobe, it illuminates the interior, making it easier to choose outfits and organize clothing, even in the dark.
Kitchen: In the kitchen, you can use under-cabinet and pantry lighting to improve visibility while cooking and preparing food.
Hallway: Finally, mounted in a hallway, it provides a bright and welcoming light, improving safety and convenience

Rechargeable Wardrobe Light | Cool Corporate Gifts Bangalore


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