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Portronics Kronos X3 Smart Fitness – Corporate Gift Companies in Bangalore


  • TRACK YOUR EVERY STEP AND EVERY BURNT CALORIE] : This smartwatch lets you track your steps throughout the day and also the calories that you burn through the day. This way you can actively keep a track of your fitness goals and elevate them accordingly.
  • [BLOOD PRESSURE AND HEART RATE MEASURING INDEX] : Tap into your health stats with the Blood Pressure measuring and Heart Rate measuring features at real-time. The stats are medically accurate and let you keep a closer tab on your vital stats, literally anytime, anywhere.
  • [SPO2 MONITORING ON DIFFERING ALTITUDES] : If you are planning a hike in the near future do also keep the Kronos X3 by your side. It lets you have medically accurate measuring stats on the rising and depleting SPO2 levels.What’s more is that you can always use the stats for rationing your breathing resources.
  • [TRACK YOUR SLEEP HOURS] : Varying degrees of sleep hours results in a not so sound holistic pattern of living but also hampers your overall health. This is why keeping a tab and forming a fixed sleep routine is just as necessary as other medical stats. Promote sound sleep each day every day!
  • [MESSAGE AND CALL REMINDER] : No need to worry about looking at your phone’s screen indefinitely! This smart watch gives you the freedom to stay in touch with your basic functionalities by just a tap. The reminders ensure that you know when and where the call and message notifications land up your way! 




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