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Portronics Adapto 65X


Portronics Adapto 65X

  • Adapto 65 X: 65w Mach USB and Type C Adapter wall charger with Double Output Ports (1 USB + 1 PD)| Fast Charging with PPS Technology. This GaN Charger has fast-charging capabilities and can charge devices up to three times faster than traditional chargers.
  • Type-C PD & Mach USB-A port: Delivers Fast charging via 65W Type-C port and 22.5W Mach USB-A port. When charging two devices simultaneously, it intelligently provides 45W to Type-C and 18W to USB-A for fast device charging.
  • Fast Charge PD Port: 65W Power Delivery 3.0 (with PPS) is powerful enough to fast charge your MacBook Pro 13 within 2 hours. The charger comes with Type C Cable for ultimate convenience.
  • Ultra Compact and Travel Friendly: This 65W fast wall charger is 35% smaller and lighter than other 65W wall chargers, and comfortably fits in your pocket, backpack, luggage, purse, and the palm of your hand.
  • Wide Compatibility: Adapto 65 X, PD USB C charger is Compatible with Macbook Pro/Air, iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max, iPhone 14/Pro/Plus/Pro Max/, iPad Pro, Galaxy S3 Ultra/S23/S22, /Note 20/Note 10+, Pixel 5/4a, AirPods, all USB Mobile Devices & Tablet.





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