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Magic Photo Frame With Mirror


– Unique 2 in 1 function, can be switched between mirror and photo frame by the touch of a button
– Photo frame glows in the dark when switched on
– Dual power: Works with 3xAA batteries (not included) or USB (cable included)

Looking for a unique and memorable corporate gift? Consider the Magic Photo Frame with Mirror (10 LED). This innovative device combines practicality with modern design, making it an ideal present for clients, partners, and employees.

Dual Functionality: Firstly, the Magic Photo Frame with Mirror stands out due to its dual functionality. At the touch of a button, it transitions seamlessly between a high-quality mirror and a vibrant photo frame. This feature not only adds a touch of elegance to any space but also provides practical use.

Stylish Design: Moreover, the sleek and stylish design of this product makes it a perfect addition to any desk or office. When in mirror mode, it serves as a sophisticated accessory. However, with a simple touch, it transforms into a photo frame, displaying cherished memories or motivational images.

Versatile Power Options: Another key advantage of this gift is its versatility in power options. The Magic Photo Frame with Mirror works with either three AA batteries or a USB connection. Therefore, it can easily fit into various environments, whether it’s on a desktop, a shelf, or even a bedside table.

Ease of Use: Transitioning between the mirror and photo frame modes is straightforward and user-friendly. With just a touch, users can switch functions, making it an intuitive and hassle-free experience. This ease of use is particularly beneficial in a corporate setting where simplicity and efficiency are valued.

Practical and Thoughtful: In addition to its practical applications, the Magic Photo Frame with Mirror conveys thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Gifting this item shows that you value both form and function, offering something that is not only useful but also stylish. It can serve as a daily reminder of your appreciation and commitment to quality.

Photo Frame With Mirror | Unique Corporate Gifts Bangalore


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