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Blow Lantern With Roto Dial (Compact Size)


A soft, flickering romantic glow. A bright light to guide your footsteps in an emergency. We all love candlelight, but fire is not always friendly. Just blow to turn its battery- powered light on or off. Make it brighter by rotating the dial. No smoke, No mess. Its the best thing to happen to lanterns since fire.
– Easy lantern like operation
– Just blow on the flame to turn it on / Off
– Knob to change the level of brightness; Increase / decrease brightness by rotating the knob.
– Light can be adjusted to be strong / dim. – Light is similar to a candle when dim
– Super bright LED light
– No fire, No smoke, no mess. Better than fire lamps / candles.
– Works on 3 x AA batteries (not included)
– Available in red and blue


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